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(Cogencee - compiler generator for Delphi. Cocolsoft Computer Solutions http://www.cocolsoft.com.au)

There is some useful information on similar compiler generators to be found on the World Wide Web.

Cogencee generates Delphi code from an attributed grammar Cocol (compiler compiler language). There is a set of tools named Coco/R which also use the attributed grammar Cocol. Although there are slight variations between the version of Cocol used by Cogencee, and the Coco/R tools, they are practically the same. The Coco/R page maintained by Professor P.D. Terry is at http://www.scifac.ru.ac.za/coco. This page gives a historical overview of the Coco family of tools and mentions Cogencee. There are sample grammars available in the distributions of Coco/R. For example - HTML subset, C subset, Oberon, Umbriel.

The book 'Compilers and Compiler Generators' by Professor P.D. Terry is available on the net. It is available in HTML and Postscript format at http://www.scifac.ru.ac.za/compilers.

 One of the technical papers to be found at the Coco/R page is the paper 'A Generator for Fast Compiler Front-Ends' by Professor H. Mössenböck. This paper can be downloaded. (The paper is in Postscript.) It has a good section on Cocol and LL(1) requirements.

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