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Product Name - Cogencee

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A compiler generator is a computer program which assists in the automatic production of a compiler.

What can Cogencee do for you? 

With Cogencee you can produce scanners, parsers, compilers, interpreters, language checkers, natural language processors, expert system shells, scripting languages and calculators.

Although Cogencee is generically named a compiler generator you are not limited to producing compilers. The above list indicates some of the applications!

Cogencee has been written in Delphi and generates Delphi code. Just like Delphi gains its strength because it is written in Delphi, the compiler language (Cocol) behind Cogencee was used to generate itself.

Use the compiler language (Cocol) and your Delphi imbedded code to generate your applications.

Cogencee is available for 32 bit platforms. There are two versions - Standard and Professional. (Cogencee version 1 is available for Delphi 1 (16 bit) for Windows 3.1 if required.)

The Professional version is the source code version, with additionally an Obfuscator program, class TColMStack   and hashing tools. TColMStack is Cocolsoft's multi-stack class which combines the functionality of a stack and a doubly linked list. This class has been used in the scanner generator for the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar'. TColMStack comes with a test bed program.

Cogencee version 2 now includes TColDelphi. This is the Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar Component. You get the source to the component ('ColDelphi.pas'), a help file and 6 demonstration programs with source. By running Cogencee you are able to alter the grammar behind the component or change its functionality. 

Cogencee ships with a manual. (A4 size at over 80 pages.) This has a User Guide and two technical papers that go into great detail about the behind the scenes workings. The User Guide has three chapters devoted to building a grammar for simple expressions.

There is an extensive set of examples with full source code. These usually give the grammar, the generated Delphi code, the main unit, and executable.

The generated code can be used in programs that are

visual form based (see Downloads page for an example)
component (see Downloads page for an example)
console or command line (see Downloads page for an example)

Grammars for the following are given

Delphi Grammar. Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar homepage
AdaCS (subset of the Ada language)
CHD (calculator program explained in the User Guide)
Cocol (the Compiler Compiler Language used by Cogencee)
MicroAda (a further subset of Ada than AdaCS)
Modula-2 (like Pascal another language designed by Niklaus Wirth)
MP (mini Pascal. Demonstration of a compiler and interpreter)
Yacc (designed to scan Yacc input grammars)
and more!

Testing grammar framework (32 bit)

Cogencee main program version 2.0 (32 bit)

What you get in each version:





As for Standard plus :

Delphi (32 bit) for Windows 95 and up

Delphi (source to low level tools)

TColDelphi(source code)

Obfuscator (object code)

Redistributables (source code)

Hashing unit (with source)


TColMStack(with source)

The product has been checked with MemProof and has been memory leak proofed.

Product support is via email and fax machine.

View a screenshot of Cogencee 32 bit? Yes

Cogencee is based on core technology licenced from Dr. H. Dobler of Austria. This technology has been successfully used for many years in various projects. The language Cocol is a refinement of the YACC compiler generator. Cocol was first developed at the University of Linz in the early 1980's. It was progressively modified, adding features and making it even easier to read and understand. Cocol shipped with Cogencee is the result of this evolutionary progression.

We at Cocolsoft Computer Solutions first used Cocol way back in 1991. We were impressed by its elegance, robustness, power and maintainability. To us a well crafted grammar should be a work of beauty. Our impression hasn't altered and we hope that you too will enjoy crafting various tools with Cogencee.


    With the release of Version 2.0, licencees of Cogencee will be entitled to free upgrades up to but not including the next major release.

    Win 32  -  Version 1.2 is no longer supported. You will need to upgrade to Version 2.0. This is due to major changes to the product and the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar'.

    Windows 3.1  -  Version 1.2 is no longer supported.

Release History

Effective 30 Jun 2012 this product has been withdrawn from sale.

Version 2.10

    Release dated 8 Mar 2003. This is a new Cogencee exe tailored to run under Windows XP Professional. (Will run under Windows 95 but hasn't been tested for other platforms.)

Version 2.01

    Release 29 Jan 2001. Some cosmetic changes to Redistributables (ErrHand, TextIO, Utils); some cosmetic changes to frames (PGT_Sem, PGT_Syn); some cosmetic changes to the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' (frame PGT_Sem, frame PGT_Syn); bug fix to Include file processing in 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' (frame SG_Lex); updated Help file to bundled TColDelphi.

Version 2.0

    Release dated 16 Jul 2000. Support of component generation. Bundling of component TColDelphi. Bundling of TColMStack with Professional version. Delphi 1 is no longer supported.

Version 1.2

    Released 13 Aug 1999.

Version 1.0

    Released Oct 1998.

(This page updated 4 Aug 2003; 30 Jun 2012)

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