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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(CocolCloak - Delphi Pascal source code obfuscator. Cocolsoft Computer Solutions http://www.cocolsoft.com.au)

What requirements are there for this product?

The requirements are modest. Windows 95 or above. 16 megabytes of  RAM. Microsoft's 'COMCTL3.DLL' version 4.72 or higher. If you have Delphi 4 then this DLL will have been automatically installed. Your source code written in any version of Delphi 1 or higher. CocolCloak does not require Delphi to be loaded on, or networked to, in order to function.

Does the product only obfuscate code?

No. The product can be used to strip comments from your code. The product can place standardised comments at the commencement of your units. The product can perform conditional analysis on your code. Does each IFDEF have a matching ENDIF? The product can perform structure analysis on your code. What units does your source code use?

Why has it taken until 2001 for an obfuscator to be commercially available?

The problems in writing an obfuscator are great. It requires a thorough understanding of the grammar of the language and access to tools to manipulate source code. It requires flexability to alter the obfuscator when the language changes. It requires an interface that makes the process easy to manage. This is why it has been 30 years (from 1971) for an obfuscator to be commercially available.

Isn't an obfuscator just simple substitution?

If it was this easy then I would suggest that the task would have been accomplished 30 years ago.

I've obfuscated my source but have made a small change to the original source. How difficult is it to obfuscate the original source again?

CocolCloak makes it straightforward to reapply the steps you first took to obfuscate your code. Preferences are saved in a special format and can be reapplied. To obfuscate your code again should only take a few minutes. To do so manually, to any acceptable secure standard would require a number of weeks of effort.

How secure is the obfuscated code?

By following CocolCloak's recommendations the names in your source code will be obfuscated to the same level of security achieved in the cryptographic one-time pad.

Are there any programs available that have been cloaked with CocolCloak?

The component TColDelphi (also available from Cocolsoft Computer Solutions) has been cloaked with CocolCloak. It is the first product cloaked using CocolCloak!

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