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Welcome to the CocolCloak homepage.

CocolCloak is a new way of securing your products and source code from theft and reverse engineering.

Have you? - lost sales due to the customer's "no source - no component" policy.

Have you? - protected your intellectual property rights.

Do you? - want to make it difficult for your ideas and implementation of those ideas to be stolen.

Do you? - want to make your intention to protect your source code quite clear.

Have you? - watched helpless as some other company stole your source code and shipped their own components without offering source.

Do you? - make software security products and ship 'DCU' units.

Have you? - protected your source so that when Delphi for Unix becomes available some cracker won't port your software before you!

Have you? - worked as a journeyman contractor. A common situation is where you bring to your workplace a utility unit that took some years to develop. After you leave your source remains. A contractor replacing you benefits from your source. Don't let that contractor receive kudos (and a payrise!) at another job for his programming skills.

CocolCloak makes obscuring your code a relatively painless and straightforward task. CocolCloak can achieve in a few minutes what can take weeks. Furthermore, a small change to the source code does not mean another few weeks of effort to obscure it. Just rerun CocolCloak against the source with the parameters CocolCloak has stored away!

CocolCloak can embed Copyright and other notices in your source code. Not in comments, which can be easily removed, but embedded in the instructions that make up your code!

CocolCloak works against units (such as components) or whole programs.

CocolCloak provides a number of significant benefits in protecting your intellectual property. By using CocolCloak you have made your intention to protect your source code quite clear and unequivocal.

This product is ideal for people who sell code toolkits for Delphi, graphics libraries, and database addons. Obfuscated code is typically 50% the size of the original. By following CocolCloak's recommendations the names in your source code will be obfuscated to the same level of security achieved in the cryptographic one-time pad.

CocolCloak has been developed independently of the Delphi compilers produced by Borland. CocolCloak does not use any parsing classes internal to the Delphi VCL nor the Open Tools API. CocolCloak is based on the compiler generator - Cogencee (another product in our range). CocolCloak does not require Delphi to be loaded on, or networked to, in order to function.

In order to secure your product and code you will need to perform a number of different security measures in addition to those provided by CocolCloak. It would be unwise to rely on CocolCloak for a total solution and CocolCloak is not being represented as same.

See a screen shot of the program CocolCloak in action with a Sample unit as detailed in the Help file. Show me.

See an excerpt from the obfuscated source to TColDelphi. Show me

Background to CocolCloak

This is the first time a product of this nature has been released since Pascal, the ancestor of Delphi, was first defined by Niklaus Wirth in 1971.

The product has been checked with MemProof and has been memory leak proofed.

This product is built around our 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar'. Any limitations of files that CocolCloak can successfully read are due to the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar'. For explanation of the 'Cocolsoft Delphi Grammar' see the writeup on this website. 


Dr. Cocol's Paradox  -  It is a paradox of obfuscation that the more convoluted a program is written the better the state of obfuscity but the more difficult it is to obfuscate it and achieve a greater state of obfuscity.



Release History

Version 1.0

    Released 29 Jan 2001.

Beta 1

    Original release dated 17 Mar 2000.

(This page 22 Jul 2000; Updated 5 Feb 2001; Updated 28 Jan 2003)

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