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Effective 8 Dec 2004 this product has been withdrawn from sale. (This is due to the release of Delphi 2005 which supports Unicode source files.)


TColDelphi  Budget



TColDelphi Standard. 

TColDelphi and upgrades to (but not including) next major release.

US$50 A$80

Now released as a stand alone product.

Pricing is based on a low entry cost. Take the Budget option and gamble on a bug free release. Take the Standard option and have the security of bug fixes up to but not including the next major release. For example, get Version 1.0 and receive versions (say Version 1.5) up to but not including Version 2.0.

Important notice for Australian customers. The price is inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax). A Tax Invoice will be sent with each purchase.

There are two methods of payment :-

Online Payment via Kagi

    (Cocolsoft Computer Solutions will send you the product electronically via email.)

Direct Payment

Australian dollars must be drawn on an Australian bank or Australian branch of an Overseas bank. If your US$ amount is a Bank Draft allow 7 days for clearance. If your US$ amount is a personal cheque allow 25 days for clearance. (No Post Office boxes please.)

(This page 19 Jul 2000; Updated 12 Dec 2004)


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