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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

(TColDelphi - component for Delphi that parses Delphi Pascal code. Cocolsoft Computer Solutions http://www.cocolsoft.com.au)

What requirements are there for this product?

You will need to compile and install the provided code into your version of Delphi. For Delphi 2 onwards.

How does TColDelphi treat comments?

Comments and compiler directives are detected by the component. This makes TColDelphi very useful in writing documentation programs. The contents of these can be stored and retrieved. The type of comment, such as brace, is also available as a public declaration.

Can I get at the tokens in Delphi source code?

One of the events is OnToken. Fired when a token in the source file has been detected. The public declarations Token, TokenCol and TokenLine are set.

What documentation is supplied?

A Windows help file is supplied. There are a number of test programs shipped with the product that demonstrate the use of  TColDelphi. The number of test programs, as at first release, is six (6).

I have Cogencee. Do I need to purchase TColDelphi?

As you have Cogencee you will have the full source code to TColDelphi. There is no need to purchase TColDelphi.

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